Research at Yoobee


At Yoobee College of Creative Innovation we harness research to expand boundaries, fuel innovation and power progress.

Research informs and strengthens our teaching practices and makes sure our students and graduates are equipped with globally-relevant skills that meet industry demands and contribute to the broader community.

Teaching Faculty

Staff teaching on our bachelor’s programmes are supported and encouraged to undertake research, enhancing teaching and learning for our students and helping them develop intellectual independence in an authentic and academically robust environment.

Our research is guided by our Head of Research and our Research Committee and Academic Board, and staff get a chance to meet and present their work at a yearly  staff Research Symposium, along with actively presenting at conferences and key symposiums.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Research and Study

Graduates of our undergraduate programmes benefit from research-informed teaching that boosts critical thinking skills. Learning is maximised through practical projects and delivery methods that echo the industries graduates will move into, today and tomorrow.

Research-informed teaching also adds depth and breadth to our postgraduate programmes, and many of our students embark on research as part of their learning. Project-based learning emulates the current and future creative and IT industries and develops crucial critical thinking skills that set students up for success.

Philosophy & Ethics

Currency, validity and quality underpin our research philosophy, making sure all research undertaken within Yoobee College of Creative Innovation is:

  • Logical
  • Evidence-based
  • Culturally relevant
  • Practical
  • Experiential
  • Interactive
  • Authentic
  • Innovative
  • Knowledge generated
  • Holistic

Yoobee’s research is guided by a dedicated Research Committee, which conducts the initial review of all ethics applications.

Discover our Research

Open the door to new frontiers. View the research our lecturers are currently engaged in below.

Pia Desai – School of Technology

Regan Music – School of Technology and School of Animation

Tung Nguyen Nguyen – School of Technology

Ranju Raveendran – School of Technology

Lena Yaroshenko – School of Technology

Rafael de Leon – School of Animation

Dean Stolpmann – School of Animation

Research Conference and Symposium

Click here to download the Research Symposium 2020.

Research news

On Friday 6th November, Yoobee colleges took part in UP Colleges Australia and NZ Research/Scholarship Seminar Day.

On Friday 10 July Yoobee Colleges held their second annual research symposium.

On Friday 22 November from 1 – 4.30 pm NZMA, NZST and Yoobee Colleges are holding their first joint research conference. We are very excited about the...

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