Online NCEA Credit Courses

Our Tech NCEA Credit Courses Go Remote!

We have just launched a range of online Technology NCEA Credit Courses for 2022!

Yoobee College of Creative Innovation has been supporting New Zealand High School Students with a range of creative NCEA credit programmes for several years. Historically, we have supported hundreds of students in metropolitan High Schools close to our campus locations (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch). As New Zealand’s largest specialist creative and technology College we know that innovation is essential to keeping pace with the latest skill demands and employability outcomes. 

We are proud to utilise our knowledge and experience in developing a range of remote technology courses, that are academically rigorous in creative technology subjects.

Students can advance their understanding of the latest digital trends through virtual learning environments (live online classes) and develop confidence in online platforms. Student and teacher collaboration thrives in an online environment, providing a space for communication, discussion, brainstorming and reflection.

The following NCEA Credit Courses are available online:



Tech Trailblazer Certificate

Complete 4 or more out of the 6 available online Technology NCEA Credit Courses and receive our new Tech Trailblazer Certificate! This certificate and our range of tech offerings can help in applying for our full-time programme, the Bachelor of Software Engineering.

Join us for our National Open Day on the 26th of October!